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Evolve With Emily

Feb 26, 2024

In today's episode, Emily goes deep with her guest Eric Uresk. Eric courageously shares his incredible hero's journey - from childhood trauma and violence to finding purpose as an MMA coach and champion mindset mentor.

They explore how early rejection and loss of safety shaped Eric's path into drugs, crime and womanizing. Yet through mixed martial arts and later emotional inner work, Eric found empowerment. He stresses nurturing our 'inner child,' leaning into discomfort, and self-forgiveness. With humor and heart, Eric explains why men need emotional skills to create healthy relationships. He shares tangible nervous system regulation and shadow work techniques to master anxiety and access freedom. Emily and Eric inspire hope as they discuss why no one is beyond healing.

Today's Key Points:

  1. Childhood Survival Programs
  2. Nurturing Rejected Parts of Ourselves
  3. Sitting with Discomfort
  4. Self-Forgiveness and Compassion
  5. Emotional Skills For Healthy Relationships
  6. Nervous System Regulation
  7. Shadow Work For Emotional Mastery
  8. Leaning Into Fear and Vulnerability

+so much more!

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