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Evolve With Emily

Nov 11, 2020

In this episode you will get to know Emily’s friend, Jenny Dean. Jenny is a Yoga Instructor, Mom, Host of the Living on Purpose Podcast, currently starting a new Studio called Karma, and so much more. She is all about faith, fitness and personal development. Jenny has an inspiring story about overcoming life struggles while having kids and starting a business. Enjoy this episode while learning new tools and information on self development, communication, and relationships.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • [02:46] Jenny’s background
  • [05:55] Dealing with divorce
  • [09:14] Working, Kids, and resentment
  • [11:52] Dating again
  • [13:46] Walking, Prayer, and a Podcast
  • [15:06] Relationship with God Changes
  • [18:15] War Room and Prayer
  • [23:00] Morning Routine
  • [24:11] Purpose Driven Life changed trajectory and started Living on Purpose
  • [25:40] The beginning of Living on Purpose Podcast
  • [28:20] What’s next for Jenny
  • [31:45] Karma Fitness
  • [33:15] The importance of Functional Fitness
  • [34:39] Self Development
  • [35:25] Communication and relationships
  • [37:41] The Work on Relationships


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