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Evolve With Emily

Feb 15, 2021

In today’s powerful episode, Emily, Caitlin, and Jenna enjoy a girl talk focused on God. Caitlin is a creative director, producer, choreographer who has worked with The Masked Singer, Circus De Soleil, Nickelodeon, Nike and Reebok; she is also a fitness coach originally from Australia. Jenna is a manager and TikTok sensation! These girls touch on everything from their Vegas trip, relationships with God, and becoming the best version of themselves. The story each of these ladies share about their journey with God is truly moving. Enjoy this episode as the ladies discuss getting comfortable with prayer, developing a real relationship with God, becoming the best version of themselves, fasting for God, and how God is working in each of their lives. 


  • [01:15] Vegas trip
  • [02:57] Anniversary narrows
  • [05:43] Being available to God
  • [06:50] TikTok prayers with Jenna
  • [11:00] How Caitlin developed her relationship with God
  • [15:06] Having a conversation with God
  • [23:19] Grey area 
  • [28:26] Declaring God’s help
  • [30:15] Pray in your personality
  • [36:43] Taking the path to God
  • [44:56] Pain into purpose
  • [51:05] Being who you are while being your best
  • [51:57] Fasting 
  • [56:30] Knowing what God wants for you
  • [63:15] Prayer out


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