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Evolve With Emily

Feb 11, 2019

Join me for a beach workout! Saturday, February 16th from 2-4pm here on Venice Beach! Click here to learn more and register to meet us out there.

And don't forget to mark your calendars for June 14th for my live event in LA - more details coming soon!

So, how do you find your true balance? What does that even mean to you? Then once you gain a better understanding of what balance looks and feels like in your life, how do you keep it consistently? And let's say your balance and consistency become manageable habits in your life, what happens when life throws you a big obstacle (which it will!) and you have to overcome a setback to your goals? I dive deeper into these three key areas and more that have helped me conquer anything I set my mind to - in fitness and in life!

Make sure to let me know your messy action; what is your takeaway from this message your plan to implement into your life! Connect with me on Instagram @emilyhayden and comment on my most recent post about how this possibly helped you in any way!

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