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Evolve With Emily

May 31, 2022

In today’s episode, Emily is talking with two ladies that attended the Evolve Retreat last month in Houston, Tx. We have Shaday Duarte, who flew in from San Diego where she is a lawyer, fitness junkie and lover of weightlifting, yoga and kickboxing. We also have Chelsey Smith, who drove in from Oklahoma where she left a 10 year corporate career to be an operations manager for 2 small businesses. She is also a wife, dog mom and has lost 50 lbs in her weight loss journey and has kept it off for 4 years. Shaday believes you must go all in on things that are outside of your comfort zone and that is exactly what the ladies did at the Evolve Retreat. One activity that the attendees participated in was a Wim Hof breath work course, followed by an ice bath. The ladies share their thoughts going into this part of the weekend, where their mindset was and how they felt afterwards. Both the ladies express that they are typically more on the shy side but that the event made it very easy to open up, be vulnerable and share what was on their hearts to build connections with each other. It is clear that all the attendees built a very special bond with each other and we are all so excited for the next chance to get together. Listen to hear more about what you can expect if you choose to come to the next retreat!    Follow Chelsey on Instagram: @chelseyxsmith

Follow Shaday on Instagram: @Shaday_Renay


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