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Evolve With Emily

Jan 26, 2022

In today’s episode, Emily has a very special guest, Lexie Hall. Lexie is a client of Emily’s Evolve X mentorship program. Emily is doing a series with past clients to allow them to share their personal growth journey of evolving. Each client has a very different experience and we are so honored to be sharing some of them. Lexie is a small town girl from Southern California who left home at 17 to join the US Army. We thank you for your service Lexie! She currently works in the medical field and over the last several years has been on a path of her own personal healing, which lead her to the Evolve X program. Lexie shares her experience going through EMDR therapy and how bringing her trauma to the surface in order to process it and heal from it was life changing for her. Lexie explains how she has worked with other coaches in the past and although they were great, she realized she wasn’t ready to make the changes necessary at that time in her life. Lexie explains how negative things in life are necessary and are meant to teach you something and it’s important to try to learn from every situation you are given. She feels that having a lifestyle of personal development, practicing gratitude and know how to respond to everything are what will help you walk through these situations in life. Lexie discusses her thoughts and perspective on the difference between victim mentality vs. victor mentality. She is also very open about her struggle with time management and that it does not come easy to her. She shares how she was able to improve on this through the program and that she keeps going back to that portion even after the program is over. Lexie shares so much in this amazing interview and is an amazing example of what this program can do for you!

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