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Evolve With Emily

May 1, 2021

In today’s episode Emily discusses the decisions you make every day and how you handle them. Do you treat every decision as insignificant, or do you treat it like it’s the game winning shot? Getting to where you want to be in life greatly depends on every small decision you make each day. Emily explains how shifting your perspective to treat each of these small decisions as the game winning shot can significantly change your life! 

Emily also talks about making each decision as if you had a red button or a green button. The red button is the easy way, but gets you further away from your goals; the green button represents the harder path, but one that takes you to where you want to be in life. Treating each decision this way will help you become very hyper aware of the choices you make towards your destiny. Emily’s passion shines through this episode as she inspires listeners to overcome tough choices, stop living an 80% life and to maintain the drive to keep going! 


In this episode you will learn:

  • [01:20] Waiting for the game winning shot
  • [02:40] Game winning shot decisions
  • [04:23] Creating a pattern of insignificance
  • [06:00] Pressing the Red or Green button
  • [09:25] Taking ownership over every decision
  • [12:31] Fixing your eyes on the right perspective
  • [13:45] Damn I have more work to do
  • [15:48] Living an 80% life 
  • [18:05] Choosing to overcome


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