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Evolve With Emily

Apr 27, 2020

Ava Zamecnik is a personal trainer and freelance photographer, she made a big decision in her life during college that was the scariest leap of her life. That is the thing about following our passion, right? It often feels like an uncomfortable topic we are scared to say out loud, possibly even an insecurity that we...

Apr 20, 2020

Sully is a mom to three amazing boys, married to her best friend and partner in shopping, is a health and fitness entrepreneur, and motivates her community to live healthier lives. A Masters level competitor, Sully's physique and dedication to daily progress is truly admirable. 

Connect with Sully

Apr 13, 2020

Director of an entertainment company and Project Management Consultant, Erin Erdos is the self-proclaimed "catchall drawer". Born with cancer, Erin also lost her father due to the same illness and has spent her lifetime battling that illness and significantly diminished eyesight. While trying to focus, quite literally,...

Apr 6, 2020

Introvert or extrovert - you may think you are one or the other but who really decided that? Did you spend time exploring your interests and how you best feel in different types of social gatherings, or did you allow someone else's view of you to mold that identity? Andrea Buss was told her entire life "You are so shy!"...