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Evolve With Emily

Apr 23, 2021

In today’s episode Emily dives into taking messy action! With so many things going on in life, obtaining perfection is impossible and will oftentimes hold you back. Stepping into messy action is one of the first steps to take in the journey to success. Emily talks about personal struggles and how they can have a power over us if we don’t acknowledge what they are. Being able to acknowledge struggles and communicate them to an accountability partner will speed up the path to success and happiness. She explains how having that accountability partner can also assist in overcoming those struggles while creating meaningful connections with others.

Emily also stresses the importance of allowing yourself to work through the process even if it’s not perfect, or what you expected. There are three helpful statements Emily advises to adopt in life that will help you to be honest, humble, and hungry in your journey to greatness. Matching your actions to your words is another big topic Emily covers and how to get rid of the negativity, and open up space for the positive. No matter where you are in your journey, this episode will help you identify your behaviors, why you engage in them, how to change them, and why you want to change them. Taking messy action may sound scary, but it will get you closer to where you want to be in the process of becoming a better you! 


In this episode you will learn:

  • [01:14] Stepping into messy action 
  • [03:59] What are you waiting for and why?
  • [06:06] Acknowledging struggles
  • [11:13] Deep and meaningful connections
  • [14:38] Allowing yourself the process
  • [20:56] 3 statements to adopt in your life
  • [24:31] Responsibility and victim mentality
  • [25:29] Matching your actions to your words
  • [30:45] Why you engage in certain behaviors
  • [32:16] Why are you choosing a different option?
  • [37:12] Looking to God for strength, guidance, and peace


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