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Evolve With Emily

Nov 23, 2020

In today’s episode, Emily interviews therapist and coach, Gabby Ortega. Gabby is a trauma survivor and very into therapy, healing, coaching, and development. They met through Emily’s brother Sam who trains Gabby. Gabby speaks on her self-healing journey and includes topics such as substance abuse, healing, childhood trauma, exercise, grounding, breathwork, and self-love. Get ready to dive deep into the journey of self-healing in this episode with Emily and Gabby!


In this episode, you will learn:

  • [02:26] Gabby’s background 
  • [06:30] Realizing trauma 
  • [09:24] Resilience factor
  • [11:20] Road to Sobriety 
  • [14:35] Shedding to evolve
  • [17:40] Going to AA
  • [21:25] Recognizing and Dealing with triggers
  • [23:21] Learning to read your body
  • [24:13] Trauma loop repeat until you resolve
  • [25:00] Reading Triggers of trauma 
  • [32:37] Learning to Self-Love 
  • [35:00] Intentional pleasure moments for self-therapy 
  • [38:52] EMDR
  • [40:25] Free Resources for healing 
  • [42:40] Grounding tips 
  • [44:30] Breath work tips
  • [47:07] What Gabby does 


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