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Evolve With Emily

Jan 14, 2019

How will you promise to live your life differently? This question is top of mind for me lately because of the unfortunate and significant loss I recently experienced. I had to share this loss, but more importantly how I am coping with it all, with you here today. I hope this helps you in anything similar you may be experiencing or will in the future.

  • Dealing with loss in the various stages of our life without feeling hopeless
  • The stages of grief, especially shock and denial
  • How to allow ourselves to feel with full confidence that this too shall pass
  • When you experience loss, how can you find the gift in their loss? And what lessons did they teach you?
  • How I am finding closure

I reference two books in this episode that have been incredibly helpful in my journey: The Mastery of Self and The Four Agreements.

Help me honor the life of Josh Connor @gypsyfitlion

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