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Evolve With Emily

Nov 22, 2021

In today’s Monday Message, Emily talks about evolving and how it is a constant process. You’re always growing and the longings of your heart will change or shift into a new season. When moving into a new season, sometimes you can’t identify where you’re going and you don’t have a vision for it yet, you just have a feeling a shift is coming. Maybe where you’re currently at isn’t IT for you anymore. That’s ok. Get excited to explore what’s next for you. Submit your desires to God and let him know you want those doors to open for you. Also ask that what is not meant for you, for those doors to be closed. A new season can bring a new job, a new relationship, a new place to live. Are you open to that change? Are you open to a higher purpose? These changes can be hard and scary but if you never move forward you will never live the fullest version of your life. You must have faith in the higher calling for yourself. 



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