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Evolve With Emily

Nov 10, 2022

In today’s episode, Emily interviews Penelope Magoulianiti. Penelope is a Transformational Coach for Women, Speaker, and Author of "Women, Motherhood & Independence". She is the creator of the Goddess Diary and the founder of the Goddess Awakening Experience. She works with women around the world and uses feminine energy to re-wire their brains and awaken their bodies, so they can have better relationships with Self, their partners, and others and create what they desire in life.  Penelope used to work in the corporate world for twenty years when she decided to quit her job and move forward in creating her own business. She delivers her message in a simple and to-the-point manner that helps women to regain their drive to succeed while they learn to prioritize themselves and what they need. 

In this episode you will hear about:

  1. Transitioning from corporate to entrepreneur at 40 years old
  2. How personal development work changed her mind & life.
  3. Ways to tap into your feminine energy
  4. Breaking free from limiting beliefs
  5. Breaking Self Sabotage 
  6. Why Changing Your Partner Doesn't Work
  7. Decluttering Your Life
  8. Attracting Your Ideal Partner
  9. Signs You Are Seeking Validation from others
  10. How to Voice Your Needs
  11. Creating Work Life Balance
  12. Identifying What You Want
  13. Two Reasons Motherhood is Beautiful 
  14. How to Achieve Happiness 
  15. Her #1 Piece of Advice!


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Find Penelope Here: FB: IG: YouTube: "You can have what you want without sacrificing what you love."

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