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Evolve With Emily

Feb 6, 2024

In today's episode Emily interviews Taylor Simpson who is a feminine wealth coach who helps women live abundant, unapologetic lives. She shares her personal evolution with connecting to her femininity and discovering a new relationship with money, after previously struggling with burnout and lack in a high-powered career.

Taylor explains how she helps women awaken their inner feminine goddess, get in touch with their womb wisdom, and break free from societal expectations around womanhood. She talks about the importance of sisterhood and her mission behind The Untamed Festival. 

Other topics include using breathwork and dance to reconnect with your body, manifestation through embodying your higher self vision, creating containers in your day to support the feminine chaos, and shifting internal belief systems around money and worthiness. Taylor also shares her healing journey with plant medicines.

The main takeaway is the power we have as women to create an unapologetic, abundant life by reconnecting with our cyclical feminine essence versus pushing in the masculine hustle. Taylor provides inspiration and practical tools for this awakening.

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Today’s Key Points:

1. Taylor's journey of Masculine to Feminine Energy

2. Womb Wisdom

3. Feminine Energy

4. Practices to reconnect with your body

5. Taylor leading us through box breaths

6. Connecting to your Higher Self

7. Life As A Ceremony 

8. What is an "Untamed Woman?" 

9. The Untamed Festival 

10. Money & Worthiness

+so much more! 

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