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Evolve With Emily

Feb 12, 2024

In today’s episode Emily Interviews her friend Chris, host of the Nichols and Dimez show. They dive into Chris' journey over the past year hosting his show, including the personal growth, change in mindset, and lessons learned from interviewing 50 entrepreneurs.


Chris shares how surrounding himself with certain communities, like jiu-jitsu, has shaped his values and perspectives. And Emily and Chris banter about the importance of injecting humor and 'romanticizing your life' even as an entrepreneur on a serious mission. With aligned outlooks on living with intention, they explore how practices like journaling and cold plunging prime them to show up fully.


Ultimately, Chris credits the podcast for pushing him to take smart risks and evolve. And he thanks Emily for being an early inspiring force encouraging him to lean into his voice and step into uncertainty on this path. Their infectious energy and drive makes you want to embrace your own capabilities.

Today’s Key Points:

1. Identifying Your Vision

2. The Power Of Committing To Your Decision

3. Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

4. Loneliness 

5. Support & Community 

6. What Holds People Back

7. Exposure to a Different Reality 

8. Where His Creativity Started

9. Hawaiian Values: Strength & Humility 

10. His JiuJitsu Journey

+so much more! 


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