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Evolve With Emily

Dec 13, 2021

In today’s Monday Message, Emily wants to help you make the most out of this holiday season. Are there people in your life who have a history of disappointing you because they are not able to show up for you in the ways you need them to? If so, you may need to demote them from a position they are not qualified for yet. If you keep expecting them to be something they aren’t ready to be, you will always feel let down. Once you realize they are not at a place in their own journey where they can be that for you, you will be able to shift your perspective and accept them for who they are. Show them love and compassion during this time and know that we are all just doing our best. Maybe they can’t be what you need right now, but if you look around you, you may have someone else in your life who can be that for you. Lean on them and allow them to hold space for you. Go into this holiday season with gratitude, a new perspective, healthy boundaries and with intentionality, create the experience you wish to have. 



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