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Evolve With Emily

Sep 22, 2021

In today's solo episode, Emily discusses how to not allow a negative situation to ruin your whole day. We have all been there, you're having the best day and out of the blue you're hit with a negative situation. What happens next is in your control. Do you let that negative thing dictate your attitude, mood and how you treat the people around you? Do you let it completely impact and ruin your day? Or do you see it for what it really is, feel it, deal with it, work through it and maybe even channel that energy? You can learn how to practice the ability to channel that energy and turn it around in order to continue to show up. Don't give the negative energy the power to control you or your day. You may not have the ability to control what happens to you, but you do have the power to control your response and how you react to what happens to you. Listen to hear how you can choose to be ferociously positive. 


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