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Evolve With Emily

Apr 12, 2021

In today’s episode Andrew F. Carter and Kyra Carter talk about God, their journey, and relationships! Kyra is a full time development specialist, working for Andrew’s ministry, children’s ministry, media manager, and so much more! She shares about her background and how her journey led her to God. Kyra learned to be self-sufficient at a young age, she was able to get her first apartment at 18 years old, put herself through college, and get her bachelor’s degree. She also received her crime scene investigation certificate and then started moving into business. After finding God at 16 years old, Kyra also got into children’s ministry and has never looked back since. 


Andrew shares a little of his background before meeting Kyra - listen to the episode before this one to get Andrew’s full testimony. Andrew and Kyra then discuss how they met through social media, Andrew’s ministry, and how they put God first for themselves and their relationship. Kyra and Andrew’s relationship is connected through their similar backgrounds and the way they center their lives around God, it is truly inspirational. Enjoy this episode as Kyra, Andrew, and Emily discuss God, relationships, and how to differentiate between God focused people and world focused people. 


In this episode you will learn:

  • [01:31] Kyra’s career background
  • [07:13] Being of service 
  • [08:01] Kyra’s upbringing
  • [11:00] When Kyra developed a relationship with God
  • [13:57] Before Andrew met Kyra
  • [16:30] Determining true men of God
  • [19:21] How Andrew and Kyra met
  • [26:10] Partner checklist
  • [28:43] Putting God first in a relationship
  • [31:10] World focused vs. God focused
  • [33:07] Selflessness
  • [34:28] Loving others as God’s children
  • [37:51] Deciding each other was the one
  • [40:10] Praying for relationships and closed doors
  • [43:45] Being equally yoked
  • [46:13] How Andrew and Kyra recharge 
  • [48:56] How Andrew and Kyra walk in alignment with God


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