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Evolve With Emily

Mar 22, 2021

In today’s Girl Talk episode, guests Hannah and Amanda who are also Evolve X Coaches join Emily. Hannah, Amanda, and Emily talk about all things competing, life, relationships, nutrition, and more. Hannah is currently in Virginia Beach, married, and a past English teacher that turned into a personal trainer/online fitness coach. Teaching helped Hannah transition into training by being able to break down concepts to teach proper form. Amanda is an event manager in California, for a catering company and has always been a part of the food industry in some way. She is also a  Personal Trainer at F45, an IFBB competitor, dog owner, cat owner, has 2 chickens, and wants to have babies soon. Emily, Amanda, and Hannah are all in different stages of their competing season and discuss how they navigate the next steps to take in their competing journey. The girls also discuss being Evolve X Coaches and how their experience helps them to be great coaches. Listening to these amazing women talk about their life lessons is so relatable and inspiring. The values, experiences, and mindsets of these ladies are so powerful and moving, you can’t help getting motivated! 


In this episode you will learn:

  • [00:27] Intro to show
  • [01:34] Open Enrollment in Evolve X 90 Day Program
  • [04:15] Introduction to Hanna 
  • [07:29] Encourage One other Female
  • [10:11] Intro to Amanda
  • [21:03] Amanda’s Mindset switch
  • [25:13] Hanna’s journey to competing
  • [32:45] Reasons for competing 
  • [40:05] Putting achievements on Pedestals
  • [47:00] Off Season fitness hobbies 
  • [51:18] Hanna’s strengths as an Evolve X Coach
  • [54:00] Amanda’s strengths as and Evolve X Coach
  • [56:56] How Mindset affects clients’ fitness and nutrition goals?
  • [64:13] Evolve X tips, advice, and info from the Coaches


Episode resources: (Evolve X enrollment is now open)


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