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Evolve With Emily

Mar 1, 2021

In today’s episode Emily bares all by sharing the top 5 life lessons she has learned through spirituality, mental, and emotional growth. This is truly an inspiring episode that will leave you feeling motivated to become your best self. Emily also reveals that the next round of Evolve X is about to open for sign ups, if it’s something you’ve been thinking about doing you do not want to miss this opportunity! Enjoy these 5 life lessons from Emily, the growth she has made, and the reveals she opens up about in this energizing episode! 


In this episode you will learn:

  • [01:09] Evolve X Program Sign Up!
  • [08:10] Can’t plan out life, being uncomfortable, spiritual growth
  • [10:55] Lesson 1: Jesus First and Fully
  • [14:37] Lesson 2: Check your Blind Spots
  • [16:09] Lesson 3: Being Uncomfortable 
  • [19:37] Lesson 4: Hold Tight to Healthy Boundaries
  • [22:48] Lesson 5: Learn How To Receive 


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