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Evolve With Emily

Feb 8, 2021

In this solo episode, Emily tells us she’s moving from California back to her hometown. She answers some questions that her Instagram followers have while taking us through her journey in California. Here, we learn about her beautiful moments in California, as well as her tough times. She speaks about how divorce was one of her biggest failures and then provides advice to build and sustain positive relationships with your significant other, with friends, and with family. Join Emily as she reminds us how to harvest happiness and growth within ourselves.

“Before you achieve this massive goal or dream you have for yourself, you have to fully believe you can do it.” – Emily Hayden

In this episode, you will learn:

  • [00:00] The introduction to today’s episode.
  • [02:42] What questions are Emily’s followers asking her?
  • [07:37] Emily’s goals for 2021.
  • [16:00] Emily’s advice on staying safe in California.
  • [20:20] A sign that Emily chose the right path.
  • [23:50] Tips to overcoming a divorce.
  • [31:50] Gratitude, Affirmation and Positive Self-talk.
  • [34:48] Emily’s motto about dealing with pain.
  • [36:55] What has Emily learned from her experience moving across the country?
  • [44:41] Who does Emily harvest a relationship with?

“Pain is my friend, it never feels good experiencing it, but I know I was made for it…knowing that, I don’t resist the pain anymore. I take it.” – Emily Hayden


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