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Evolve With Emily

Feb 1, 2021

In this episode, you will be inspired and motivated by guest Sean Sharaf. Sean is a U.S. Marine, MMA fighter, and creator of Stay Ready Protocol, YouTuber, and a complete savage! From being bullied as a kid, following a troubled path, joining the marines, tearing his ACL, and then finding his way to MMA, Sean has developed true strength. You can hear and see the integrity and passion that Sean has for what he does as he shares his journey. Creating the Stay Ready Protocol started from trying many diets himself for his training, he found that most “diets” are not created for longevity.  Sean wanted to create an eating plan that keeps you ready year round, which led to his creation of the Stay Ready Protocol. You need to check this protocol out for amazing tips on staying healthy and ready all year long, the link for the book is listed below! Get ready to be motivated!


Episode highlights

  • [02:43] Where Sean gets his drive 
  • [04:23] Key things the Military taught Sean
  • [06:16] Pursuing MMA career
  • [12:31] First Fight Adrenaline
  • [17:32] Sean’s Goal for MMA 
  • [20:26] Stay Ready Protocol
  • [27:00] Sean’s Dog
  • [30:43] Victim Mentality and Self Awareness
  • [32:34] Life purpose: Happiness
  • [34:56] Destress with Training 
  • [37:45] Morning Routine
  • [39:02] Winding down with Meditation and breathing techniques
  • [45:13] Friends and goals
  • [49:45] Connecting with listeners 
  • [53:40] Sean’s tattoo meaning 


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