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Evolve With Emily

Jan 18, 2021

If you are feeling anxious, lacking peace, or in search of fulfilling an unknown need, this episode is for you! Justin Lavado takes us through his journey of discovering stillness. Justin is a behavioral coach, nutritionist and Personal Trainer. He discovered one day that he was missing peace in his life and often felt anxious during down time. This led to his journey of stillness through breath work, meditation, DMT ceremonies with a Shaman, ego death, and finding God. Enjoy learning stillness techniques to help train the brain to be in a relaxed state instead of the chaos we are used to.


In this episode you will learn:

  • [00:55] Justin’s biggest lesson learned
  • [01:08] Practicing stillness
  • [02:41] DMT with a Shaman
  • [03:44] Experiencing breath work
  • [11:05] Ego death
  • [13:46] Heart coherence
  • [19:00] Being a transformer
  • [20:55] Observe nature
  • [21:41] Active stillness
  • [29:12] Beginning to read
  • [36:40] Leveling up to new dimensions
  • [43:09] Vacation for stillness
  • [46:46] What is success to you?
  • [50:00] Listening to core self with big decisions
  • [58:08] Anxious patterns and having intention
  • [60:01] Leading through stillness


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