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Evolve With Emily

Jan 11, 2021

Laura Micetich, Health Coach, Pro tagger on Ultimate Tag Fox, athlete, and authentic human is on the show today. Emily and Laura met at Gold’s Gym, but Emily didn’t find out that Laura is Canadian until now. Laura grew up in Tennessee and eventually ended up in Los Angeles. She lives a very inspiring and exciting life that will keep you on your toes the entire episode: from teaching in Tennessee, working production during summers, getting a tummy tuck, becoming a Health Coach, and being a Pro Tagger on Ultimate Tag Fox. She also gets deep and real about her relationship with food, self, and her new romance. Laura has a way of relating to so many in a very real, authentic, and soul-stirring way, so, enjoy pressing pause with Laura in this episode!


In today’s episode you will learn:

  • [01:42] Laura’s background
  • [02:42] Fitness journey and tummy tuck
  • [08:18] Press pause
  • [12:52] What Laura does to continue growing
  • [13:04] Coaching women with the same struggles
  • [18:05] Work in progress
  • [20:50] Falling in love with showing up
  • [24:51] Time limits and goals
  • [25:31] You can’t fail unless you stop
  • [28:34] Being open and raw on social media
  • [32:15] Healthy relationships
  • [40:23] Journey to Ultimate Tag
  • [42:51] Relapsing 
  • [44:20] Tips for getting back on track
  • [46:52] Finding the right amount of focus for yourself
  • [48:00] Wasting energy on thoughts of failure vs. action
  • [50:45] How to work with Laura


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