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Evolve With Emily

Dec 14, 2020

In this episode, Andy Frisella, the entrepreneur, the motivator, the podcaster, the creator of 1st Phorm, creator of 75 Hard, and so much more gets deep and gets real. It is hard not to get motivated by listening to Andy speak about facing adversity, doing the hard work, and giving back to others. Andy and Emily also share their tips on cultivating happiness, staying motivated, and learning from losing. 2020 has been tough for many. Andy and Emily share what they have learned and how they have grown from this year. Get ready to get REAL!


In this episode you will learn:

  • [00:58] 3 Things Andy is thankful for
  • [02:23] Cultivating happiness
  • [06:47] Getting past the waves and finding steadiness
  • [08:45] Cultivating belief in yourself and from others
  • [10:30] The evolution of Andy’s vision
  • [13:13] Zero option mentality
  • [16:23] Stand for something and stop appeasing others
  • [20:12] 75 Hard
  • [30:31] Learning how to win that conversation in your head
  • [36:38] Walking through failures
  • [45:10] Giving back and supporting others
  • [49:27] 1st Phorm Culture
  • [51:07] What 2020 taught Emily and Andy
  • [54:52] Pivoting and moving forward
  • [62:25] Andy’s last message to others
  • [64:04] Winning who you are



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