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Evolve With Emily

Dec 7, 2020

Get ready to Evolve into Excellence! In this episode, Emily talks about the hardships, heartbreak, and tough lessons 2020 has caused for so many. She speaks on getting stuck and choosing to either use setbacks as excuses or choosing to evolve! Evolve into Excellence is Emily’s new 90 day program beginning in January 2021! Included in this 90 day program you will have: access to 3 amazing coaches, course content, detailed outlines, exclusive Facebook group access, live sessions with Emily, workouts, customized nutrition, personal development, and most importantly accountability! This exciting program is perfect timing for starting the new year with a clear mind! If you are ready to create clarity, structure, and get rid of those limiting beliefs, this is for you! Get ready to become excellent!


Episode highlights:

  • [01:30] New Program January 1st!
  • [02:00] Extreme hardships, heartbreak, and setbacks of 2020.
  • [04:00] Choosing to Evolve.
  • [05:30] Stop waiting and step into action!
  • [08:00] "Evolve X" 90 day program!
  • [10:00] Program details!
  • [16:15] Showing up!
  • [18:10] 100% money back guarantee!
  • [20:00] Qualities and Opportunities of Evolve into Excellence Graduates.
  • [22:10] 4 Requirements of the "Evolve X" course.
  • [25:20] Limiting Beliefs, Clarity, and structure for life!
  • [29:20] A word from Becca, Hannah, and Amanda!



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