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Evolve With Emily

Oct 26, 2020

In today’s installment of “Girl Talk,” Emily sits down with 3 of her close girlfriends as they discuss their journey walking into faith. They discuss the power of acceptance, the importance of language, and how you communicate. They answer listener questions on why they have chosen to walk with God, walking in faith while dating, and practical tips to deal with anxiety through faith. Get ready to learn the power of prayer and community.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • [1:17] An introduction of the girls, how they met & MORE.
  • [11:54] How he is better than we have known.
  • [13:21] The power of acceptance.
  • [14:34] The importance of language and how things are communicated.
  • [17:28] Why they have chosen to walk with God.
  • [28:37] How everything happens for a reason.
  • [30:37] How to develop and cultivate strong relationships.
  • [32:31] Walking in faith while dating.
  • [38:45] How to deal with anxiety through faith.
  • [44:46] Does God help you through the tough times?
  • [53:13] A prayer for your pursuit of happiness.


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