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Evolve With Emily

Aug 6, 2020

Join Emily Hayden and Kayla Fassio as they talk about Physical Fitness and Ketogenic. Kayla gives us more information about their way of coaching and training people so they can improve  their overall health fitness. They discuss people’s lifestyle and Kayla’s amazing business journey. Let’s all listen intently and be inspired!


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • That keeping a healthy lifestyle is a necessity for our lives
  • Having a person who can give you encouragement can be life-changing
  • How to recognize different perspectives to control your emotions
  • More about meditating, and how it can also help emotional awareness
  • To give importance to yourself first, and that’s actually a must!




Kayla trained with a trainer twice a week, did fasted cardio every morning, stuck to her meal plan and worked out on her own. Needless to say, SHE LOVED the changes in her body, she felt light as a feather, she had a great midsection that no matter what she ate she always had them. She had amazing energy, her skin was clear and she loved what she saw in the mirror. 


That was November 2014 and what she credits with starting her career in fitness. She sticks to her clean meal plan probably about 80% of the time now and saves 20% when she goes to events or parties! She’s definitely not perfect when it comes to that but she also did a small bulk where she was using the bad foods she ate to fuel her workouts. If she had pizza or a burger, she would make sure to do legs or back the next day to use it to lift harder. She has pushed and pushed herself on weight, going higher than she ever thought she could reach. She doesn't let the weights intimidate her. She has curves and lean muscle, all by changing up her diet, lifting heavy, and always keeping it interesting with new workouts.



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