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Evolve With Emily

Jul 27, 2020

Prosperity... what does that word mean to you? To me, it is a lifestyle that is comprised of five components; spiritual fullness, physical well-being, mental soundness, social friendships, and financial well-being.

Physical well-being; being physically healthy and strong mental soundness, so having a strong mental mindset being clear, having your mental health in check. Social friendships, i.e. having beautiful friends around you that are true friends and not people that flake out and not people that leave when it's hard or can’t  go through conflict with you but those true, true friendships.

Also, financial wellbeing and being able to provide for yourself and for others and have the things that you need all the necessities of life and not being held back from that but truly having financial freedom. Having freedom in being able to provide for yourself and live the life that you want to live and then, including all of these things is also spiritual fullness.




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