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Evolve With Emily

Jun 30, 2020

Have you ever wondered why kids don’t need meditation and stillness? It’s because they’re always living in the moment! Join Justin Lovato and me as we talk about being present. Justin is a behavioral coach, helping himself improve and shares his experience with whoever needs it. He talks about the things that we can control and how to look at the factors that we can’t. 


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The value of being present in your life. How can you get into meditation and stillness?
  • Avoiding unnecessary activities like spending way too much time on social media. Don’t let your phone claim you!
  • Thinking and doing due diligence first before speaking to others or posting anything online. If you make a mistake, learn to acknowledge when you’re wrong.
  • Improving romantic relationships by allowing each other to be individuals.
  • Removing shame to move on from bad behaviors or create new habits.
  • And much more!




About Justin Lovato:


Justin, from Venice Beach California, is a Behavioral Coach that uses personal training (physical activity) and nutrition (gut health) as a major tool to help people focus and “see clearly”. This is done in hopes to identify certain self-destructive and unhealthy behaviors. Our goal is not only to become more self-aware in our everyday lives but to also understand that all behaviors are learned, and that unhealthy behaviors can be altered.


You can find Justin out of Golds Gym in Venice California where he does his independent training. If you’re in the area, don’t hesitate to pick his behavioral coaching brain during a personal training session. If you're all set with training and nutrition, he loves virtual behavioral coaching as well.


Justin will offer perspective with empathy and compassion and help surface the most sustainable and functional vulnerability to help you achieve not only your fitness goals, but mental and emotional goals too.




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