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Evolve With Emily

Mar 6, 2023

In today’s episode Emily interviews Heber Cannon. He shares how his passion and excitment for what he does in life has lead him to where he is at today. As a film director, dad, husband, buttery bro, athlete, he has a lot on his plate and he's found a way to integrate his passion, purpose, and those he loves. Today's episode will have you inspired to take small actions to start building momentum which will build your confidence to set those bigger goals. It will also remind you how important your energy is and to be intentional with where you give your focus (clean up your social media feeds!)

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In today's episode: 

  1. Cold Plunging in the freezing lake
  2. Adventure tourism with fitness and pancakes
  3. How his first YouTube video took off 
  4. Movies that impacted his storytelling
  5. The Buttery Games
  6. Creating core memories
  7. Prayer & Divine Guidance 
  8. Daily Practices  
  9. His Bucket List Trip to Japan
  10. Unifying, inspiring, and bringing people together

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