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Evolve With Emily

Feb 19, 2024

In today’s episode Emily Interviews entrepreneur Lexi Buentello, founder of Business with Bliss. They dive into Lexi's journey helping brands scale, including the personal growth, mindset shifts, and lessons learned from setbacks along the way. Lexi stresses tuning into your divine purpose and taking inspired action despite uncertainty.

She shares practical tips for entrepreneurial success like leveraging AI tools and niche discovery. Weaving in stories of following signs from the universe, Lexi urges persistence in monetizing your unique gifts and passions. Ultimately Lexi credits her failures and wins for redirecting her towards her aligned path. She thanks divine providence for guiding her to build brands while also spreading her message. Her vulnerable yet driven energy makes you want to embrace possibilities.

Today’s Key Points:

  1. Setbacks build strength
  2. Divine purpose 
  3. Creating Vision boards
  4. Taking Inspired action
  5. Identifying Your Ideal client
  6. Writing Emotional copy
  7. How To Leverage AI
  8. Synchronicities & Signs
  9. Following Your Passion
  10. Affirmations, Energy, Manifesting +so much more!

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