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Evolve With Emily

Apr 17, 2023

In today’s episode Emily interviews JC Wrong to Strong. JC grew up in violence, being taken advantage & tortured in every single way, he had a lot of hate in his heart by the age of 9, which lead him to a life of violence himself. He was involved in drugs, gangs, & the cartel, before eventually ending up in Mexican prison at a young age. JC recalls the first time he ever felt God’s love and shares it in such a powerful way. If there’s anyone who’s had true life transformation, it’s JC. From the streets, to prison, to meeting God, to being featured on shows like: America's most evil gangster, dead files, and National Geographic, JC has accomplished a lot since turning his life around and some big dreams for what comes next.

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In this episode you will hear about

  1. JC’s violent & abusive upbringing
  2. 2. Mexican Prison
  3. JC’s spiritual journey & how he met God
  4.  How his YouTube journey evolved as a result of meeting God
  5. How to start healing from sexual trauma
  6. What it’s like to have an actual relationships with God
  7. The most rewarding day of his life
  8. 3 Types of People in Prison
  9. His daily routine
  10. Dead files, National Geographic, America’s most evil gangster.                       

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