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Evolve With Emily

Jul 26, 2022

In today’s solo episode, Emily is sharing about how something as simple as a perspective shift can make a huge impact on your life. She shares a story about her Monday, which was yesterday if you’re listening in real time, and how she was feeling so off and things were just not going her way at all. Her day started off with having car problems that resulted in her needing to have her car towed and was given a rental car. In that moment she had two choices. She could either be angry that everything was going wrong, or choose to be in control of her emotions and have a perspective shift and find the good in the cruddy situation. You have the ability to make the choice to surrender to the situation and allow it to flow through you and not completely ruin your day. Listen to this episode to find out exactly how to do it.


In this episode we talk about:

  • Emily shares about a day she had where nothing went her way
  • Deciding how you are going to react in the bad/hard moments
  • Having the ability to shift your perspective in every situation to see them for what they really are
  • Did you really have a bad day or was it just an off day? 
  • How your day goes is completely up to you. It is your choice. 




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