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Evolve With Emily

Jan 9, 2023

In today’s episode, Emily interviews Cathy Heller who is the host of The Cathy Heller Show (formally known as Don’t Keep Your Day Job), where she has interviewed everyone from Matthew McConaughey to Malcolm Gladwell to Bobbi Brown. You may also know her as the author of the bestselling book, Don’t Keep Your Day Job, or from her reputation as a singer songwriter where her career began. Beyond all of the things Cathy does, her mission is the most poignant aspect. She wants to help you overcome your resistance, find your confidence, shift your money mindset, and build an abundant dream life where you can make an impact and be the most expansive version of you. She wants you to find your purpose. Cathy has found her purpose which has led her to building an 8 figure business, selling over 60k copies of her book, and getting over 4,000 5-star-reviews on her podcast making her the living proof that when we find alignment, we expand our lives. 

She has also been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Insider, and Huffington Post, amongst others. 

In this episode you will hear about:

  1. How heart resonance leads to viral shareable content 
  2. How her “Ann Taylor” suit became a life changing moment 
  3. How she created the opportunity for her dream job to be a reality
  4. What she learned living in Jeruselum for 3 years. 
  5. Radical Receptivity : What you’re looking for, is already here
  6. You can’t have actual love and control. Love is freedom.
  7. Spiritual Practices are the best set up to being successful in life
  8. How you can tune into a frequency of abundance 
  9. Addiction to cortisol 
  10. The most helpful tool to healing 

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