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Evolve With Emily

Feb 6, 2023

In today’s episode, Emily interviews motivational speaker, coach, & mentor, Carlos Vasquez. He shares how his family struggles during his teenage years lead him down a path of gang involvement, violence, experiencing death up close and personal, and ultimately a 20 year prison sentence. He battled through years in solitary confinement, battling thoughts of not wanting to be here, and going against the grain as a shot caller who ended up changing his life in a positive direction mid-sentence. He shares the importance of mentors in this world & how much value they hold in the lives of those they are helping. Today’s episode will help you understand that your life has value, you are here for a purpose, and you are capable of making a big impact in this world. 


In today’s episode you will hear about:

  1. The illusion of separation 
  2. His time being incarcerated 
  3. A fatherless generation
  4. The impact of your words
  5. Solitary Confinement 
  6. Developing a strong mindset
  7. Faith , God, & the evolution of his experience 
  8. The Power of Knowing your learning style
  9. Creating a Vision & Mission for your life

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