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Evolve With Emily

Mar 29, 2021

In today’s episode actress, model, fitness expert, and author Laureen Trujillo shares inspirational insights from her book and her life. Emily and Laureen discuss how they met and how it was not by accident. They also discuss Laureen’s book and how it’s directly affecting their lives on such a spiritual level. In this episode, embracing the hard things in life and being at peace while trusting God is such a powerful topic that Laureen and Emily dive into. Listen in as these two women discuss learning to enjoy the difficult seasons of life and not rushing through the pain. This amazing and emotional episode will truly move you as they talk about the different seasons of life relationships, knowing what God wants for you, and cultivating faith and trust with God. Get the tissues and a blanket ready because this episode will either have you shedding tears or getting chills in the best way!


In this episode you will learn:

  • [06:05] How Laureen’s book impacted Emily’s Life
  • [09:01] A sample of Laureen’s book: ‘Festival in the Desert’
  • [13:37] Emily’s life relating to the book directly
  • [17:35] Snow Globe Moments
  • [19:55] Seeking love in the wrong places
  • [24:24] Childhood wounds being triggered
  • [30:42] Chapter 7: Being Wanted
  • [35:53] Knowing what God wants for you
  • [39:45] Work on your vertical relationship while God works on the horizontal
  • [41:35] Look at the fruit of people’s lives
  • [44:42] Chapter 12 
  • [51:28] Going through tough seasons with Jesus
  • [59:10] Cultivating faith and trust

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