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Evolve With Emily

Jan 25, 2021

Today’s guest is Jami Debernard, IFBB PRO, two time Olympian, founder of Fit Body Fusion, transformation and lifestyle coach, and Emily’s current Competition Coach! Jami and Emily talk about how Jami got into bodybuilding, and how her journey began. Jami went from competing to coaching and truly shows her passion through her coaching. Jami wanted to teach others what she learned during competitions, which eventually led her to coaching and creating Fit Body Fusion. She focused on developing other coaches in order to help build her Fit Body Fusion team. Fit Body Fusion has developed its own culture, to the poitn that it has its very own intricate selection process when choosing coaches for the team. Jami and her team truly care about each athlete and are dedicated to their “why”. If you have ever thought about competing, this episode is full of information to help you! As these ladies discuss amazing tips on finding the right coach for you, you can hear their passion for what they do! Enjoy this episode as Jami and Emily show their authenticity and passion for the competitor/coaching life!


In this episode you will learn:

  • [01:58] What sparked Jami’s passion for bodybuilding
  • [04:00] What made Jami switch from competing to coaching
  • [06:22] How Fit Body Fusion selects their coaches
  • [08:13] Ashlyn Brown’s success as coach and competitor
  • [13:35] Culture of Fit Body Fusion
  • [17:15] Jami and Emily’s coaching relationship
  • [21:03] Selecting shows for athletes
  • [24:20] Coaching in 2020
  • [30:00] Where bikini shows are headed
  • [32:02] Jami’s advice to a new competitor
  • [34:04] Matching competitors with the right coach
  • [35:11] Jami’s coaching philosophy


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