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Evolve With Emily

Nov 9, 2020

In this episode of "Girl Talk", Emily is joined by fellow competitors Samantha and Danielle. Samantha and Danielle are both nurses, and talk about their hospital experiences. The girls expand on their daily routines and how they have managed to stay positive during the pandemic. They also answer listener questions on body image, insecurities, toxic relationships, and future goals and plans. Get ready to learn about navigating growth and positivity through tough times.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • [00:21] Intro of Samantha and Danielle
  • [02:57] How working in healthcare has been during 2020 for Samantha and Danielle.
  • [03:50] Samantha case management RN talks about her experience in the hospital.
  • [04:10] Danielle ICU nurse finding balance and peace during the pandemic.
  • [05:10] How do you preserve your energy and stay positive?
  • [11:02] Flexibility with morning routine to stay at peace
  • [14:04] You create your own sunshine.
  • [16:02] What are some ways that you allow yourself to process your emotions?
  • [17:33] Being Self aware and being better version of yourself
  • [20:38] Just trying to get there on time and find parking
  • [21:40] Staying positive during the pandemic
  • [25:52] Difficult situations and conversations as Healthcare workers
  • [31:40] Body image and insecurities
  • [38:23] Creating Momentum to reaching goals
  • [42:25] Filter Talk Gravitating towards authenticity
  • [45:30] How do you deal with society's pressure on women's bodies to look perfect?
  • [47:40] Toxic relations and leaving them
  • [53:07] Focus and Goals for the future


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