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Evolve With Emily

Jun 29, 2020

With all the lying and fear-mongering going on, I feel the urge to stand up and speak out to address the irrationality of the “new normal” imposed on us. These rules are hardly based on facts but on the panic that the situation created! You and I might feel like quitting and going anywhere away from here, but that would mean giving up on the challenge we’re put on. But in the first place, is there even a need to be so upset? Stay tuned and see how you can choose peace in all of this chaos. 


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of acknowledging what you feel.
  • The power of prayer and devotion. Fight the urge to be selfish!
  • Choosing patience and kindness. Find the path that is for the best.
  • Create the change even with the burdens it has on you! Go all out!
  • We’re all going to be okay. It will get better. God is with us.




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