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Evolve With Emily

Dec 28, 2018

We need to talk... That negative self-talk you have lurking in the corners of your mind DOES NOT SERVE YOU! So let me put aside the notes and let's get real in this episode with ways to (literally) snap out of the negative and shift your mindset into the positive:

  • Positive pattern disruption techniques - what are they and how to use them
  • Ways to practice self-love
  • Awareness techniques to recognize when you are allowing negative self-talk to creep in
  • And so much more!

Make sure to let me know what you are taking action on and allow me to be a part of your journey. Connect with me on Instagram @emilyhayden and comment on my most recent post about how this episode helped you be more aware of your own negative self-talk and if these techniques are helping you "snap" out of it!

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