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Evolve With Emily

Sep 23, 2022

In today’s episode, Emily shares 10 reasons why you may not be evolving in your life. We often discuss how to evolve, but today we turn it around & talk about what holds people back. 

In this episode you will hear about how these 10 things may be holding you back:

1. The small things in life you deem as insignificant 

2. How you treat people who are "no one" to you

3. Aligning yourself with negativity in any way: gossip, hate, troll accounts

4. Jealousy, Comparison, & Envy.

5. Unforgiveness in your heart

6. Holding on to things you know you need to let go of

7. Your inability to adapt

8. You're comfortable in your environment 

9. Your struggle with identity and self worth

10. You don't invest in your personal growth: time, effort, resources, etc.

Daily habits required for EVOLVE X : my 90 day mentorship program:

1. Daily activity

2. Journal

3. Read a personal development book

4. Sobriety

5. Water / Nutrition 

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