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Evolve With Emily

Aug 4, 2022

In today’s episode, Emily is talking about when we’re in those situations where we’re telling ourselves: everything is fine, but it's not. Sometimes when we have a lot on our plate and we feel overwhelmed, we can deny those feelings we are experiencing. It’s ok to verbalize it and not resist what it is you are feeling because resisting can make these overwhelming feelings even bigger and can lead to more stress. The goal is to not get to that point. She is also sharing pieces of a new book she is reading called The Attributes and a section of it discusses optimal performance and how it can help you be successful in all area of life. This episode is full of amazing tips that will be so beneficial for you!


In this episode we talk about:

  • When everything isn’t fine but you pretend it is and why this isn't a good thing
  • The importance of not resisting these feelings but expressing them instead for relief
  • Discussion about a book called The Attributes Emily is reading and is becoming one of her favorites
  • The meaning and importance behind optimal performance
  • Stimulating your brain to grow and perform optimally is so important!



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