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Evolve With Emily

Jul 20, 2022

In today’s episode, we have Josh Bailey in the studio. Josh is in Houston visiting from Virginia. He is a fellow 1st Phorm athlete, as well as a Gym Shark and Reign Body Fuel athlete, YouTuber, father and husband and has his own training app. Josh shares with us what inspired him to dive into the fitness world and the very interesting story of when he realized he was meant to be a trainer. Josh shares his truly inspiring life story and some of the hardest things he has struggled with. You do not want to miss this episode and it is a good one to share with a friend who may be struggling right now.



In this episode we talk about:

  • Josh’s humble beginnings of his fitness journey
  • Finding purpose in the painful moments of life
  • Escaping the comparison game in order to protect your focus
  • Keeping it real and being yourself on social media
  • Trusting in God’s timing for what’s meant for your life


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