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Evolve With Emily

Jul 14, 2022

In today’s episode, Emily has two guests in the studio! Please welcome Maxx West and Achilles King to the show. You may recognize Achilles from the reality tv show called The Courtship. He is also an online fitness coach and is an athlete for Transcend HRT. Maxx is a 2 x WBFF Miss Bikini USA winner, photographer, online coach and a Transcend athlete as well. That is actually how all three friends met, at FitCon in Utah with the Transcend family.  Get to know these two awesome humans and listen to a discussion on believing in yourself, actions to help create confidence and consistency and the importance of who you surround yourself with and much more!


In this episode we talk about:


  • Practical ways to build confidence through your habits & actions
  • Having the right mindset in order to achieve your goals
  • Realizing when you are having limiting beliefs
  • Experiencing a powerful spiritual journey 
  • Aligning with the right people in your life




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