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Evolve With Emily

Jun 8, 2022

In today’s episode, Emily first goes over a few announcements such as an upcoming Alphalete launch and her trip to Summer Smash is coming up! Next, she is talking about vulnerability. Why is it so difficult for a lot of us to be vulnerable? For whatever reason, we may struggle with opening up about things that we feel we need to hide, which can make us feel guilt or shame. The thing with shame is, if you keep it hidden it only grows. It requires vulnerability in order to get rid of guilt or shame or other struggles you are experiencing. She’s also talking about not letting fear stop you from showing up. Having courage to be vulnerable allows you to open up and earn trust with whomever you choose to open up to. You don’t want to miss this really incredible episode where Emily demonstrates what true vulnerability is by sharing some of her life experiences with the audience. 


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