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Evolve With Emily

May 30, 2022

In today’s Monday Message, Emily is honoring the women and men of the United States military. She is talking about how some of us can take our freedoms for granted. It is so important to reground yourself in gratitude and knowing that freedom does come at a cost and many have lost their lives for us to have the freedom we have. Because we have freedom, we have the opportunity to be better. We have the ability to choose every day to do something that will change our lives or the lives of others for the better. Today, families and friends are mourning the loss of someone they loved who sacrificed their life for us to have the opportunity to pursue the desires of our hearts, the business we want to build, the family we want to create. We at the Evolve With Emily podcast are forever grateful for those who have sacrificed their lives for the people of our country and for those who continue to fight every single day to protect our freedom. 




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