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Evolve With Emily

Mar 30, 2022

In today’s episode, Emily sits down with Meagan again for another episode. This time around, we get a chance to get to know Meagan a little better as she discusses some very personal and hard seasons in her life and with her mental health. She shares with us about her struggle with anxiety and depression. She also divulges to us how she was able to relieve herself from having anxiety and how much it helped changed her life. Meagan talks about what inspired her to become a  host to her own podcast called Season of You Talkshow. She loves that it’s a place of connection for people and has brought her so much joy in her life. Emily asks Meagan what her main takeaways are after living with her for the last month. Listen to hear what Meagan learned during her stay and how she plans to continue to implement those things when she returns home. 

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