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Evolve With Emily

Jan 21, 2022

In today’s episode, Emily has a very special guest, Valentina Lopez. Valentina is a client of Emily’s Evolve X mentorship program. Emily is doing a series with past clients to allow them to share their personal growth journey of evolving. Each client has a very different experience and we are so honored to be sharing some of them. Valentina has a unique story in that she has gone through multiple rounds of the Evolve X program. She started her evolving journey with the program in January of 2021. Instead of 3 months of experience, she has a full year to share with us. Valentina shares that what made her want to continue with the program was the community and accountability. She says surrounding yourself with other people who have one common interest of wanting to change and grow is key. Valentina also shares that the weekly reviews helped her prepare for each week ahead and also allowed her to reflect on her wins from the past week. She is very honest with her journey and says at first she went through some waves of being on top of things and slipping up. She states that she learned from those slip ups and they actually helped her to be better next time. The program really helped her learn how to bounce back and not let one thing ruin your entire day. She also shares that the program helped her discover who she was, find her identity and to have the freedom to stay authentic to who she is. Listen to hear more details about Valentina's amazing journey of evolving.

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